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St. Lasair’s Holy Well

St. Lasair's Holy well is located on the shore of Lough Meelagh between Keadue and Ballyfarnon. St. Ronan was of noble birth being a descendant of Niall of the Nine Hostages. He had one son and six daughters one of whom was Lasair. When his wife died he and Lasair travelled throughout Northern Ireland and Connacht spreading Christianity. They finally settled in North Roscomman. They founded a church there and at Lasair's request it was named Cill Rónáin.

The place of pilgrimage was not always where it is today but on the hill beside the cemetery. It is believed that the original well dried up and sprang up again on the shore of the lake.


In the early years of the 20th century pattern was celebrated on the 8th and 9th of September. These days became a time of jollity as well as prayer. Bands came to entertain the crowds and it has been said that 'Faction Fights' sometimes broke out and 'old scores' were settled. Such behaviour was frowned upon by the Bishop of the Diocese so Pattern Day ceased to be celebrated.

However in 1942 Peter Kelly (a native of the parish) was appointed Parish Priest of Kilronan. He revived the pilgrimage with a procession from Keadue to the well and prayers and a station took place there. Subsequent priests in the parish continued with the custom and arranged for Mass to be celebrated at the site.

A committee was formed in 1967 to help in maintaining the area around the well so that people come and attend Mass and recite prayers.

Pattern Day is now celebrated on the last Sunday of August and attracts a very large crowd. On this day Mass is celebrated at the well followed by the Blessing of Graves in Kilronan Cemetery.